Minutes of Amerikan Laulajat / Finnish Male Singers of North America

Annual Membership Meeting

Agricola Church

Toronto, Ontario

8:00 a.m., Saturday, June 28, 2008


1. The meeting was called to order by Amerikan Laulajat (AL) Board member Robert (Bob) Jakola.


2. Bob Jakola asked for a nominee to chair the meeting. Harry Manner made a motion to nominate Niilo Saari, who accepted the task. Secondly, Heikki Perttu was nominated and selected to serve as secretary for the meeting.


3. Meeting Chair Niilo Saari announced that the meeting was legal with 29 members present.


4. The first verse of “Harvoin veljet” was sung, directed by Paul Hietala.


5. Chairman Niilo requested a moment of silence to honor the memory of those AL members who had passed away since the last annual meeting.


6. Since the 2006 annual meeting minutes were distributed to all AL choirs and to many members via Internet it was decided not to read them at the meeting. The minutes were approved as published.


7. Bob Jakola noted that since no meaningful AL activities occurred during the interim no activity report had been prepared.


8. Eric Hautala reported an appreciative response from Kurikan Nuijamiehet for the AL congratulatory address for the choir’s 60th anniversary concert.


9. In the absence of an AL Treasurer (Pentti Koistinen had resigned earlier this year), Bob Jakola prepared a treasurer’s report from bank statements and canceled checks. Allan Albrecht made a motion, seconded by Mauno Kojola, to accept the report. Motion carried.


10. Eric Hautala made a motion to nominate Allan Albrecht for chairman, seconded by Pentti Hirvonen. Motion passed and Allan accepted.


11. Eric Hautala accepted the nomination for Secretary. Bob Jakola accepted the nomination for Treasurer (motion by Mauno Kojola, seconded by Martti Hyhkö). The auditors for 2007, Aarre Pellinen and Henry Laamanen were reappointed. Each member choir will again select their own representatives to the Board.


12. Under new business, Bob Jakola made the motion to maintain the membership dues at $ 5.00 per member. Seconded by Pentti Hirvonen and passed.


13. Changes to AL By-Laws proposed by Allan Albrecht were accepted in principle, with the removal of the additional proposed addendum from article 11.


14. Article 13 signing authority to Treasurer was changed from $ 100.00 to $ 500.00 (proposed by Raimo Nutikka, seconded by Mauno Kojola and passed.)


15. Martti Hyhkö’s request, seconded by Pentti Hirvonen, to pay for the AL advertisement in the Finnjoy pamphlet ($ 300.00), and some other incidental performance costs from the treasury was passed.


16. Bob Jakola mentioned that the Floridan Laulumiehet (FL) would be celebrating their 40th anniversary in Lantana, FL on February 20 - 23, 2009 with a concert and other activities.  Bob, on behalf of FL, invited all AL choirs and members to attend and take part in these

festivities. It was also moved and carried that the next AL annual meeting be held at that time.


17. Bill Makinen announced that the Sudbury choir will celebrate their 50th anniversary in April of 2010.


18. The second verse of “Harvoin veljet” was sung and the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Heikki Perttu, Recording Secretary