Minutes of Amerikan Laulajat/Finnish Male Singers of North America

Annual Membership Meeting

Suomi Talo

 Lantana, Florida, USA

12:30 pm Sunday February 22,




            Preceding the Amerikan Laulajat (AL) annual meeting Harry Manner presented

            Siitosuomalaisten tarina, Amerikan Laulajat,” a video history of AL.

            This documentary was shown on Finnish television on November 4th and 5th of



Board Members:


Present:  Martti Hyhko, Robert Jakola (Treasurer), Janne Pellinen (Honorary Chairman).

Absent:  Allan Albrecht (Chairman), Eric Hautala (Secretary), Henry Laamanen, Matti Mäkinen, Tapani Rissanen.

Quorum present?  Yes.  31 attending members, 21 Sudbury proxy voters, 3 Thunder Bay proxy voters.


Others Present:  Anja Haavisto (Director Cantus).





 1.  The meeting was called to order by AL Honorary Chairman Janne Pellinen.

 2.  The first verse of “Lauluveikot” (Harvoin Veljet) was sung under the direction of Martti Hyhko.

 3.  Bob Jakola reported all membership dues paid to-date and all members vote eligible.

 4.  Bob Jakola asked for nominee to chair meeting.  Harry Manner nominated Niilo Saari who was acclaimed and accepted the task.

 5.  Heikki Perttu was nominated and selected to serve as recording secretary of the meeting.

 6.  Chairman Saari announced the meeting legally called and convened.

 7.  Martti Hyhko made a motion that, since the 2008 annual meeting minutes had been provided to the general membership, reading of these minutes be bypassed.  Motion seconded by Jakola and passed.

 8.  In the absence of a written 2008 AL history, Martti Hyhko proposed that it be published at a later date if the 2009 board of directors deemed it necessary.

 9.  Treasurer Bob Jakola presented the 2008 Financial Statement showing an end balance of $6,677.64.  Auditors, Henry Laamanen and Aarre Pellinen, approved the accounting and recommended Jakola be released from responsibility.  Martti Hyhko motioned to accept the report.  Seconded by Harry Manner.  Carried unanimously.

10.  Lauri Maijala nominated Allan Albrecht for Chairman.  Maino Mannila seconded the motion.  Chairman Albrecht was elected unanimously. (Though not present at this meeting, Allan had agreed beforehand to serve a second term.)

11.  Harry Manner noted that each member choir will elect a representative to the Board and the Board would elect a treasurer and secretary.

12.  Harry Manner motioned that auditors Henry Laamanen and Aarre Pellinen be re-elected.  Motion seconded and carried.

13.  Discussion and resolution of old business:

            Martti Hyhko reported that the 2008 Toronto Finnjoy profits were shared by the festival entertainers.  AL received a check for $560.35.

14.  Introduction of new business:

            a.)  AL annual dues.  Maintaining the dues at $5.00 was suggested by Janne Pellinen, seconded by Aarre Pellinen, and accepted by the members.

            Robert Jakola reminded the membership that the AL fiscal year is the same as the calendar year and payment is due by December 31st.

            b.)   Mauri Luomaranta invited AL to participate in the July 28 – August 1, 2010 Finnish Grand Festival to be held in SSM.  Aaro Illi made the motion that we take part.  Bill Makinen seconded the motion and the membership accepted.

            c.)  The membership voted to join the Sudburyn Laulumiehet during their 50th Anniversary celebration on April 23 - 25, 2010.

            d.)  Harry Manner made the motion, seconded by Martti Hyhko, to conduct the next AL annual meeting in Sudbury during their celebration.  The membership voted to convene the 2010 meeting during this festival.

            e.)  At the request of Allan Albrecht, seconded by Maino Mannila, the membership voted to return all AL rights and privileges to Timo Nordberg.

            f.)  Tuomo Ikavalko announced that the musical composition “Veli on poissa” by Paul Hietala has been made available to all member choirs.

15.  Chairman Saari requested a silent remembrance honoring our brothers who have joined a greater choir.   

16.  “Yhden äidin -------” was sung, and the meeting adjourned.




Respectfully submitted,



Heikki Perttu, Recording Secretary