30th Annual AL Membership Meeting

Finlandia Koti Sali, Finlandia Village

233 Fourth Ave. Sudbury, ON

April 25, 2010




  1. Meeting Called to Order:


9:22 am by AL Chairman Allan Albrecht who welcomed one and all. 1st verse of Harvoin Veljet” was sung directed by Rev. Martti Hyhkö.


  1. AL Chair observed that, with 28 members present, we have quorum.


Motion: 2010. 01 Moved by Harry Manner; Second Tapani Rissanen: “That the meeting is legal and has quorum”  Carried


AL Chair Albrecht tabled the meeting agenda and called for additional items.


Motion: 2010. 02 Moved by Paul Hietala; Seconded by Henry Laamanen: “That the Agenda be accepted as presented”.  Carried


  1. Selection of Chairman for the meeting.


Motion: 2010. 03 Moved by Harry Manner; Seconded by Lauri Luoma: “That Allan Albrecht chair the meeting”  Carried


Niilo Saari accepted the job of recording secretary - acclaimed


  1. Minutes of previous meeting (February 22, 2009 – Lantana FL) were tabled.


Motion: 2010. 04 Moved by Bob Jakola; Seconded by Paul Hietala: “That we forego the reading aloud of the minutes”. Carried


Motion: 2010 .05 Moved by Martti Hyhko; Seconded by Peter Sigmundt: “That the minutes be accepted as presented”. Carried


  1. Annual Report of the Chair:

AL Chair, Allan Albrecht, tabled his activity report for the past year. He explained the work done with Lakehead U regarding archived AL material. He answered questions regarding: rights, copyright, security as well as right of access.


Harry Manner outlined the gift to New Yorkin Laulumiehet of a very valuable manuscript by Jean Sibelius, which for the time being remains in the custody of AL Honourary Chair, Jean Pellinen.


Motion: 2010. 06 Moved by Lauri Luoma; Seconded by Lenni Luoma: “That the Chairman’s activity report be accepted as presented.”  Carried


6.   Financial Report.

Treasurer Bob Jakola tabled his Financial Report for the period ended Dec. 31, 2009. A question was raised regarding there being no mention of dues received from the Sault Ste Marie Kaleva Choir. Bob was directed to review the matter and report back through the AL Representatives.


Motion: 2010. 07 Moved by Paul Hietala; Seconded by Peter Varpio: “That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted with the condition that the Kaleva Choir dues matter be clarified.”  Carried


The statement by the Financial Examiner’s was read. Henry Laamanen, as one of the examiners, made a request that the Treasurer provide the Examiners with source documentation for examination. Bob agreed to provide photocopies of said source documents with his report to the Examiners.


Motion: 2010. 08  Moved by Henry Laamanen; Seconded by Tapani Rissanen: “That the Financial Examiners be provided with copies of source documentation along with the Treasurer’s Report.”  Carried


7.   Election of AL Chairman:


Motion: 2010. 09  Moved by Raimo Nutikka; Seconded by Harry Manner: “That Allan Albrecht remain as AL Chair and that the Nominations be closed”  Carried


8.   Selection of Board Members (Choir Representatives)

The meeting was advised that all current choir representatives would carry on.


9.   Selection of Financial Examiners:


Motion: 2010. 10  Moved by Tapani Rissanen; Seconded by Erkki Ruotsalo: “That Aarre Pellinen and Henry Laamanen continue as Financial Examiners for the coming year”.  Carried


10.                 Discussion and resolution of “Old Business”.

A proposal to amend current By-Laws was tabled for comment. Bob Jakola reviewed the proposed changes and rationale for them.


Matti Rissanen raised an issue regarding the absence in the document of “Rules for Quartet Competition”.

He proposed that the following ‘rules’ be formalized:


·       The Quartet’s “Free Selection” cannot be one of their ‘home’ choir’s current season’s repertoire.


·       Any protest must be filed with the judges without delay before they retire for deliberations.

·       Quartet Competition Rules must be provided to all choirs in preparation for competition.


He was advised that this type of item, along with Pin Protocol as well as Quartet Competition Trophy rules, is covered by a “Policy”. Allan Albrecht stated that he has in his records the policies in question. He will share same through the Choir Reps.

Motion: 2010. 11  Moved by Matti Rissanen; Seconded by Erkki Ruotsalo: “That AL Chair provide all choirs with copies of the existing Policy documents for review and comment.”  Carried


Motion: 2010. 12  Moved by Tapani Rissanen; Seconded by Matti Rissanen: “That the proposed amendments to the AL By-Laws be accepted as presented.”  Carried Unanimously (as per By-Law #16 governing amendments to the By-Law)


AL Membership Records: Bob Jakola asked all member choirs to review the current AL Membership List and make any corrections/adjustments as necessary and return the updated copy to him.


11.                 New Business:

·      Tapani Rissanen outlined the AL participation in the upcoming FinnGrandFest 2010. The AL Concert will take place Friday afternoon July 30th. The AL Choir will also participate in the Sunday morning Worship Service in the Essar Centre.

·      Our selections will be: Jumalan Kunnia Luonnossa and My Lord What a Morning. Tapani extended an invitation to all AL choir directors to participate.

·      The Soo Kaleva Choir will arrange rehearsal times and places and will relay this to the choir reps.


AL Annual Dues:


      Motion: Moved by Raimo Nutikka; Seconded by John Nelson. “That the AL Membership Dues remain unchanged for the upcoming year.”  Carried


Next AL Choral Days:


It was suggested by Rev. Martti Hyhkö that we hold our next AL Choral Days in 2012 in conjunction with the Thunder Bay Otava choir’s 60th Anniversary. The AL Board will approach Otava Choir with this idea.


The meeting gave a vote of thanks to Chair Allan and Secretary Niilo for a productive meeting.


The 2nd verse of “Harvoin Veljet” was sung and the meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.




Respectfully submitted,

Niilo Saari, Recording Secretary