Finnish Male Singers of North America, Inc.




Annual General Membership Meeting

Hilldale Lutheran Church, Thunder Bay ON

May 20, 2012 – 9:00 am


1.    Call to Order by Chair Allan Albrecht. Martti Hyhko led the singing of “Harvoin Veljet”, and called for a Moment of Silence for members deceased since our last meeting.


2.    Determination of Quorum – With 33 members present and 34 proxy votes in hand, the meeting was deemed legal. (See Note 1)


3.    Selection of Chair and Recording secretary for the meeting – moved by E. Hautala; second P. Hirvonen “ that AL Chair Allan Albrecht chair this meeting” – Carried

Moved by R. Jakola that N. Saari be recording secretary for the meeting – Acclaimed


4.    Tabling and Approval of the Minutes of AGM held in Sudbury, ON April 25, 2010.

Moved by N. Saari; Second R. Jakola “ That the Minutes be accepted as read”. Carried


5.    Activity Report by Chair A. Albrecht. (See Note 1)


·     AL Pin Protocol has been formulated and is in force (See Note 1)

·     Nordic Male Choral Group had approached AL to join them (perhaps as an associate member. Their next gathering will be in July in Tarto, Estonia. After some discussion it was agreed that R. Jakola forward AL contact information to this group

·     The original composition “Siltavahti” was formally repatriated to the Sibelius Academy by Jean Pellinen and the New Yorkin Laulumiehet

·     AL Archives are now at Lakehead University (LU) in Thunder Bay, ON. Access to and copies of documents available upon request.

·     A. Albrecht’s wife passed away October 2011.


·     AL received an invitation from an Italian Chorus to take part in their choral festival in Italy.

·     The founder and long-time director of the “Aikamiehet” chorus of Helsinki, passed away January 2011 in Helsinki.

·     October 2011 AL received a request from the Finnish War Veterans of America to provide a letter of support for their application for the award of a Finnish White Rose. After review AL executive declined the request as the individual was not a ‘member in good standing’ of AL.

·     Recommendation by E. Hautala that any archives/documents not retained by AL be sent to Finlandia University in Hancock, MI.

·     The AL/LU agreement states that any material no longer archived at LU be offered to AL for transfer to Finlandia University.

·     A. Tolvanen suggested that the AL archives be used for academic research/publication.

·     Moved by E. Hautala; Second M. Rissanen “that we remove the AL archives from LU and transfer them to Finlandia University. Defeated.

·     Question: Can we regain title to our archives? Response E. Hautala; The request to LU was for space to store our archives.

·     Moved by P. Roininen; Second M. Hyhko: That the AL material/archives remain at LU. Discussion: E. Hautala opined that the title for the material/archives remains with AL. A. Albrecht responded that a “Deed of Ownership” has been signed with LU. Carried.


6.    Treasurer’s Report: Tabled by R. Jakola

Question: Why are the Sulasol dues so high? Explanation – mainly due to exchange fluctuation.

Moved by M. Hyhko; Second E. Pohjoisrinne: that the Treasurer’s Report and the statement of the Financial Examiners be accepted as presented: Carried.


7.    Election of AL Chair. A. Albrecht has resigned. He called for nominations from the floor.

·     M. Hyhko – Declined

·     R. Jakola – Declined

·     Niilo K. Saari – nominated by R. Jakola – Acclaimed.


8.    Introduction of member choir representatives to Board of Directors.

·     Floridan Laulumiehet – Lantana, FL – R. Jakola

·     Kaleva of Sault Ste. Marie, ON – T. Rissanen

·     Otava – Thunder Bay, ON – P. Hirvonen

·     Sibelius of Chicago – M. Makinen

·     Sudbury – Sudbury, ON – H. Laamanen

·     Toronto – Toronto, ON – M. Hyhko



9.    Naming of Financial Examiners – A. Pellinen and H. Laamanen – acclaimed.


10.  Discussion and resolution of “Old Business”. None raised.


11.  New Business –

·     Moved by T. Rissanen; Second J. Lahtinen – That the AL dues   be increased to $10.00. Carried.

·     M. Hyhko called for a vote of thanks to A. Albrecht for his many years of devoted service. Also to the Otava Choir for a well-run AL Choral Days.

·     Big Hand/ISO KÄSI to all concerned!

·     A. Tolvanen invited all to return to Thunder Bay July 26 – 29th and take part in FinnThunder2012 Finnish Grand Festival.

·     R. Jakola suggested that AL send a representative to the Finnish Canadian Cultural Federation (FCCF/KSK) annual meeting. It was agreed that Otava have one of their members attend as AL Representative.

·     E. Hautala called for all members and member choirs to ensure that the new Chair is kept up to date on choir activities.

·     Next AL Choir Days:

General discussion was held regarding the location and date of the next Choral Days.2013 will mark the 80th Anniversary of Sibelius Chorus of Chicago and the 50th Anniversary of AL. Representatives of Sibelius agreed to bring the matter to their choir members. Suggestion – Chicago Victoria Day weekend 2013.

·     Floridan Laulumiehet will be celebrating 45 years in 2014.

·     A. Illi advised that Hancock, MI will host FinnFest USA 2013


Moved by M. Rissanen that we adjourn. 10:45 am.


H. Perttu led us in the 2nd verse of “Harvoin Veljet”.





Respectfully submitted,


Niilo Saari, Recording Secretary.