Finnish Male Singers of North America







The choir has two (2) types of lapel pins:

1. Membership pin

2. Concert Tour pin




The Membership pin shall have the following classes:

1. Membership (basic) pin. Colour: silver

2. Gold Membership pin. Colour: gold – tuning fork blue enamel

3. Merit pin, Gold Membership pin or Concert Tour pin worn over a red-white-blue rosette

4. Honourary pin, as a Merit pin but worn with two ribbons; white on the right and blue on the left




The Silver Membership pin may be purchased by any member of the AL, at a price determined by the AL Board, provided that said member has been an active member of an affiliated choir for at least one year.




The Gold Membership pin may be given by the AL Board to a member of an AL choir or to a member of another choir, in recognition of continued efforts on behalf, and in furtherance of, the aims and objectives of AL.




The Merit pin may be given by the AL Board to an individual who has served AL with distinction or to an individual who, in the opinion of the AL Board, has performed meritoriously in the furtherance of the aims and goals of AL. Nominations for this honour may be put forward by the general membership.




Honourary pin is presented to Honourary Members. The AL Board may  recognize exceptional service by a member of the executive. It may also award this pin to an individual in recognition of distinguished service in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of AL. The decision to award this pin must be approved unanimously by the AL Board.




Concert Tour pins:

1st Trip pin, similar to the basic pin except that the tuning fork is blue.

2nd Trip pin, similar to the Gold Membership pin but with the addition of a tab at the bottom of the pin with the Roman Numeral two (II).

3rd and 4th Trip pins, similar to the 2nd trip pin except that the numeral three (III) or four (IV) in blue on the plate at the bottom.

5th and subsequent Trip pins, will feature a diamond instead of a number on the tab. Members may only receive one such pin and will wear it during any subsequent trips.




Replacement pins, replacement pins may be purchased from the AL Executive.




The AL pin is worn above the member’s own choir pin. The Finnish Male Choir Association (MKL) uppermost and the SULASOL membership pin lowest.




Only the highest AL pin is worn at any time. (See note *) In other words; if the Honourary pin is presented to 5-trip member, the 5th Trip pin is mounted on the red-white-blue rosette with ribbons: or, in the case of a Member who has not participated in a Concert Tour, the red-white-blue rosette is worn with the Gold Membership pin. Wearing of more than one AL pin is neither desired nor permitted.




The Merit and Honourary pins are presented with a Certificate.


* It is understood that in this case a 2nd Choir Trip pin is rated higher than the Gold Membership pin.


Choir Trip Pennant

The Choir Trip pennant may be presented by the Executive to member choirs, individuals or organizations in recognition for efforts made on behalf of AL. AL members are entitled to acquire pennants for personal use or as gifts.



All AL pins and pennants must be treated with due respect. Pins are not to be gifted, sold or otherwise given without the approval of AL Executive. The AL Executive will maintain record of pins and other honours bestowed.


Approved in Sault Ste. Marie, 20.9.1990.

English translation provided per AL annual meeting request at Sudbury ON, 25.4.2010.