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                       FALL  2004


President's Corner


October 2004

Here we are. The new singing season is starting and all the snow birds are fueling their automobiles to make that long haul to Florida.  The State that has a new motto “The Plywood State” and a new state flag which is called “Blue Tarpaulin.”  All kidding aside, a state that suffered 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks and billions of dollars worth of damage plus loss of lives deserves our sympathy and prayers.  Finland House in Lantana, where the Floridan Laulumiehet rehearse, received a blow to its tar paper top, but nothing compared to the “Kerhotalo” which lost it’s Main Ball room roof.  I did not see it personally, but I received an email describing the damage.

And now to AL business.  Amerikan Laulajat have agreed to sing at the joint US/Canadian Finnish festival to be held on August 10 – 14, 2005 in Marquette Michigan.  Reports already heard from Chicago are very encouraging, approximately 50 AL singers, representing all of our active choirs, have agreed to come to Marquette as guests of the local Negaunee Male Chorus.  Warren and Anja have requested repertoire recommendations from each local artistic director. If anyone else would like to attend, you should start your motel and flight reservations today.  We will keep you up to date on songs and other details as we receive them.  An excellent source of information is their web. page and I would recommend that our directors at large take this information and pass it along to those members that have no email addresses.

 The Florida board members met several times this summer and worked on our 2006 concert trip plans and details will be published in the near future. Final decisions will be made in Sudbury during our “Mieskuoro päivät.”  Summer season in Finland and my active duty here in New York have kept our correspondence to a minimum, except for a multitude of telephone calls and emails.  How did we ever get along without emails before?

 I met with our soloist Maarit Vaga a couple of weeks ago and she agreed to sing with our dance band at “Karonkas” following some of the concerts.  In the past we have not traveled with a dance band, so this will be a unique experience all around.  Veterans in Finland can hardly wait.  To make this concert tour a success, we must encourage creative thought in every AL choir.  It is essential that we receive feedback from every choir about things of importance to you that will positively impact AL and our tour.  Your contributions to this Newsletter are a vital blood supply to the Amerikan Laulajat.

Now, all you singers, are you interested in making this trip to Finland?  Directors at large, take a hand count at your next rehearsal and send me an email indicating how many from your choir are willing to commit.  Also, is your choir willing to have a Movie, Dance night, or event for the benefit of the concert trip?  We have available the famous movie “Mirror Game” starring AL’s late Honorary Musical Director Jussi Himanka and late opera singer Kalle Ruusunen.  It was filmed in Brooklyn, NY, in mid 70’s in glorious black and white.  Presentation would require only a large screen TV and a VHS player.

Let me know in the same email and we will get the film to you.

Remember my dear friends, you are the AL; you make it happen. Lets make it happen.

 Yours in song,



An excerpt From the Heritage Express:

Web Site Source for Latest 

Finn Grand Fest 2005 has established a web site which will be a source for the most up to date information about festival plans.  Those planning to attend the festival will find answers to many of their questions there.  The web site is updated regularly with the latest information on plans, and has links for lodging and other information about Marquette and the surrounding area. 

When the time comes to begin accepting registrations, the plan is to have a system in place for registering online. 

The Heritage Express is published by The Finn Grand Fest 2005 Committee, 2342 U.S. 41 West, Marquette, MI 49855, USA, Telephone 1-800-FINN-222-FINN.  Email express   Read latest Heritage Express on line:


Editors Note:

    RE:  Finn Grand Fest 2005 - "Amerikan Laulajat have reserved a block of 20 rooms at Super 8 Motel in Marquette (Tel.# 888-276-9214) from 10 to 14th of Aug.2005  for those singers that have not made their reservations as yet.  When you call them just mention Finnish Amerikan Male Singers of North America or Amerikan Laulajat and you will be given a special rate.

RE:  Sudbury  Mieskuoro päivät reminder- Mieskuoropäivät will happen on May 21, 2005 at the Fraser Auditorium of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.  Specific information about "karonka" and the dinner dance will be forthcoming in the fall.  Music has been distributed to all active choirs.  Thanks Diane.


Fall Birthday Greetings – Syntymäpäiväonnittelut



Erikki Simpanen  60 vuotta  Toronto

Markku Harju  60 vuotta Thunder Bay


Onneksi olkoon ja  ISO KÄSI!!!!!!



From the Barefoot Mailman's Reppu

Arnold Aho writes from (not as windy as Florida) Chicago


Sibelius Male Chorus Begins Rehearsals

Members of the Sibelius Male Chorus met on September 15, to rehearse for the upcoming season and warmed up by singing many of the old chestnuts.. 

 Schedule of events:

 We will kick off our season by hosting a noon dinner on Sunday, October 3, to raise funds for expenses at the Chicagoland Estonian House.

 On Sunday, November 14, we will join with the Estonian Mixed Chorus for an afternoon musical program.

 Future singing dates will include participating in Finnish religious services at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Waukegan. Il; celebrating with the Estonian Male Chorus at their annual Christmas party; and singing with the Estonians on their Independence Day next February.

 In May of next year we are looking forward to participate with the Amerikan Laulajat  in celebrating “Mieskuoro Päivät” in Sudbury.

 The joint American-Canadian Finn-Fest ’05 in Marquette, Michigan will be an opportunity to visit with long-time singing buddies for a meaningful songfest and to showcase our music to many Americans who are not  familiar with the work of the Finnish Male Singers of North America.

 Looks like we will be seeing a lot of each other.

 As we begin our season, our thoughts and prayers go out to our long-time 1st bass, Art Putkonen, who has begun a series of radiation treatments in a local hospital.  Keep the faith, Art.


A final thought


        We all take part in wishing our brother Esko Wiik a quick recovery.





Editors note:  To find out how to become a member of an American Laulajat choir near you, contact Jean Pellinen by e-mail at or call him at (561) 432-3539.  Also visit the Amerikan Laulajat web site at








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