Palmupuiden Katveessa

                       FALL  2006


President's Corner


Greetings from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.


Fall is in the air and the migratory flights of Canadian geese are passing overhead silhouetted by the gorgeous red turning maples.  Indeed a most magical stemma in our four part seasonal harmony. 


And speaking of flights, allow me to issue notification of this, my last “Palmupuiden katveessa” Presidents Corner.  Due to other time infringing responsibilities, I will be stepping down as President and Managing Director of Amerikan Laulajat (AL).  It has been a privilege serving you in this capacity, I shall remain grateful of your support.


Remember our annual meeting, which will be held in the Toronto Radisson Hotel on Sunday the 29th of October at 9am.  Your participation is crucial for the continuance and growth of our AL brotherhood, which began here in Toronto 46 years ago.


Thank you.









Fall Birthday Greetings – Syntymäpäiväonnittelut                                                                                                    

  Jean Pellinen 80 Florida
  Arto Elonen 65 Thunder Bay

                                                 Onneksi olkoon ja  ISO KÄSI!!!!!!




Editors note:  To find out how to become a member of an American Laulajat choir near you, contact Jean Pellinen by e-mail at or call him at (561) 432-3539.  Also visit the Amerikan Laulajat web site at




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