Palmupuiden Katveessa

                       SPRING 2006


President's Corner

Another singing season is behind us.  Spring and summer are just around the corner and Florida snowbirds, and our singing brethren, are heading for the hills.


Yours truly has new headquarters in Parry Sound, ON, Canada and will conduct Amerikan Laulajien (AL) business from there.  The e-mail address will remain the same (


A Finnish war memorial museum has been set up in Finland House, the same place that the Florida Male Chorus calls home in Lantana, Florida.  The museum displays Finnish wartime uniforms, weapons and memorabilia.  The Finnish medal collection is the largest in the world outside of Finland.  Admission is by donations which will   go to support Finland House and a veteran’s organization here in Florida.  The registered name of the museum is “The Price of Freedom Museum Inc.” So, the next time you are in Florida, come and take a look.


There are several items that are on the AL plate which must be passed on to all chorus members.  The first one is the big “Finn Fling 2006” in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, July 14 - 16, 2006.  Our director at large, Veijo Holopainen, reports that the web address and e-mail address are now open and ready for business, so everyone go and take a look.


Teppo Mikkonen from Kitee, Finland reports that their choir “Kiteen Mieskuoro” will celebrate its 60th anniversary on April 23, 2006.  If any of our AL members are in Finland at that time, go out there and represent our organization.  Kiteen Mieskuoro was one of the host choruses at AL’s Punkaharju concert.  Amerikan Laulajat wishes to extend our hand to Kiteen Mieskuoro on their 60th anniversary.  Our musical bridge spans across the Atlantic.  May it always be there.


Then on  October 27 - 29, 2006, our own Toronton Mieslaulajat will celebrate its 50th anniversary at the Armenia Youth Centre Theatre in Toronto.  AL has been invited to participate and we will have our 27th male chorus days at the same time.  Finnish male singers of North America Inc.’s  annual meeting will be held Sunday morning, October 29, in the Radisson Hotel.  The time will be announced later. Please consider this invitation as an official notification to the AL membership, as per our bylaws.


Any AL member with a computer can now learn their song parts by loading up Allan Albrecht’s NoteWorthyComposer program which teaches by sight and sound all four parts of male chorus songs or any part individually.  Those without a computer must learn them the old fashioned way.  Our gratitude and thanks go to Allen for his extraordinary work.  So study your lyrics and music while you can, and we’ll see you in Toronto.


Have yourselves a healthy and safe summer.






Spring Birthday Greetings – Syntymäpäiväonnittelut                                                                                                    

  Milton Kalliojärvi 80 Sault Ste. Marie
  Vilho Koivu 80 Sudbury
  Esko Laakso 75 Toronto
  Lenni Luoma 70 Sault Ste. Marie
  Pentti Siikanen 70 Florida
  Pekka Tanskanen 70 Florida
  Erkki Kinos 60 Sudbury
  Martti Varpio 60 Sudbury
  Matti Rissanen 60 Sault Ste. Marie

                                                 Onneksi olkoon ja  ISO KÄSI!!!!!!




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